Jim Morgan and KMMF Co-Founder John Kozyak both served on the Parkinson’s Foundation Board. Jim is a distinguished lawyer and an inspiration to the entire Parkinson’s community. He and his wife, Missy, are very generous with their time and resources and are big supporters of KMMF.

“We have been so impressed by the stories of this and prior years’ mentees. Their commitment, integrity and courage is remarkable and is an inspiration to all of us that there is a reason for hope that things can and will be better. It is so disturbing to us that, in 2021, issues of diversity and inclusion remain at the forefront of daily life for so many and, yet, the encouragement that KMMF provides, and the confidence that KMMF builds, in each of these students is priceless. KMMF truly is making a difference in our local and global community through these incredible individuals.”

–Jim and Missy Morgan


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